Short Versions
Here you can find all songs that I did a short version of. I won't do a full version of these songs, at least it's not planned, mostly because I think I won't be able to do them good.^^;

Song: Beautiful Thing
Band: TVXQ (Xiah Junsu Solo)
Download: [save as...]
Comment: I FAIL AT KOREAN. I love this song and I love to sing it, but I just fail at the language, so no full version. (*is sad*)

Song: Brilliant Tears
Band: AILE
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Comment: I ruined this song once and wanted to see if I can sing it without ruining it. This is the result~ *laugh*

Song: hoshizora no waltz
Anime: kimi ga nozomu eien
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Comment: Kiminozo is my favourite anime, so I just had to record a song from it. Sadly, the songs are all pretty high.. (. _ .);

Song: koi=/=uso
Band: kazoku
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Comment: This was requested by Saki in February but not recorded until december, I'm really sorry (u u) And even now, it's just a short (well, 3minutes) version. (u u);; But I have to sing those high notes really loud so I can only record it when nobody's at home which is rare. (u u)

Song: Rolling Star
Artist: YUI
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Comment: WAHAHA XD; Me singing a YUI-song = FAIL XD; All her songs are way too high for me xD;

Song: shizuku
Band: kagrra,
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Comment: This is named test as well. Someone requested it and I really wanted to record the full version, but as you can hear in this short part, I fail at singing this song. :/

Song: Snow Scene short ver.
Band: An Café
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Comment: Got some lyrics wrong at some places... I didn't practise this song enough before the recording. XD;

Song: watashi kagami
Band: kanjani8 (Yasuda Shota Solo)
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Comment: I didn't know the song too long when I recorded this, so it doesn't sound good... but I haven't decided yet whether I want to try singing a full version or not. :/

Test Versions
Test versions are also short but I want to record the songs in full version one day. =)

Song: A new one for all, all for the new one
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Comment: I really like this song. It's pretty slow but also extremly beautiful I think. And I like to sing this kind of songs, so I'll record a full version.(^^

Song: daikou kiss
Band: Tokyo Michael
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Comment: This song is so much fun! :D I know my voice doesn't really fit to songs like this, but still, I want to record a full version. ^^;

Song: hitomi no naka no Galaxy
Band: Arashi
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Comment: One of the few Arashi-songs that don't sound totally bad when I sing them~ ^^' When I did this recording, I wasn't too familiar with the lyrics yet though.

Song: It's my Soul
Band: kanjani8
Download: [save as...]
Comment: Haha, this song is so much fun!! The recording doesn't sound good yet, but I'm determined to make it sound good one day! Haha! (It's one of my kanjani8-favourites, so I just have to record it!)

Song: kaze no tori
Band: Matenrou Opera
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Comment: It's hard to sing because of the high notes, but I'll practise and do my best. ♥

Song: naruku no hana
Anime: Higurashi no naku koro ni kai
Download: [save as...]
Comment: I had to lower it a lot, but I think it still works with this song, so I want to do a full version one day.

Song: sayounara wa itsumo
Band: kanjani8
Download: [save as...]
Comment: Not much to say about this--I don't know when, but I'm sure I'll do a full version(^^;

Song: sculpture
Band: dollis marry
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Comment: Even though covering dollis marry songs is... impossible, at least to cover them and making it sound good, and even though this recording sounds bad, I still want to record it, because singing this song is fun. (> - <);

Acapella recordings/play-arounds I did.

Song: Ivory and Irony
Download: [save as...]
Comment: I worked a lot on all the harmonies in the chorus, but mixed them in to loud and now it sounds messy. D: *fail*

Song: tsumetai hana
Download: [save as...]
Comment: I just wanted to play around a bit.^^' It's the first part of the song with come effects and so on but I somehow like the result.


Song: Over...
Band: 12012
Sung with: Morbiusss @ LJ
Download: [MF]
Comment: Since the song is quite deep I don't have that much parts but I really like morbiusss voice so I think it's good that I didn't get to ruin this recording too much *laugh* ♥ I also did the harmonies but somehow my timing was not right no matter how often I tried.. DX *Sai=fail* And I think I mixed myself in too loud. (u ___ u)' I still have problems with mixing when the mic-quality is different... D:

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